Greetings from Landon,

I just got back from my trip to San Diego, which is probably the most beautiful city in the world (imo). The weather there is unbelievable! I don’t know how it happens, but it’s seriously 74 and sunny all the time.

You wake up and it’s 74 and sunny. You go to bed and it’s 74 and… well dark.

But anyways, I am about to reveal a scientific, yet magical formula that you can use to make money while you’re sleeping at night.

It’s actually pretty easy to do, when you know how to do it.

This morning I woke up to just over $150 in commissions. Kinda cool – and you can do the same thing…

…if you pay VERY close attention to every word I say (and you may even find the hidden secret).

Now, to make money whether you’re working or not, there are a couple of key things that you need to have in place:

1.) You need a product to sell that people will actually buy. Sounds simple, yet if you look at the stuff most people online are selling, you have to think “wtf, why would anyone ever buy that crap?” lol.

2.) You need automated traffic sources.

3.) You need an automated sales process.

That’s it.

Now go make money while you sleep : ) haha kidding, let me explain how to connect the pieces…

The product that you sell online HAS to be cheap enough to where people will buy it without ever talking to you first. I see people online selling these $5,000 deals and wondering why no one is buying. It’s because your deal is too dang expensive. Expensive stuff is VERY profitable online, but ONLY on the backend.

I sell a $25 product up front online, and people buy this thing all day and night (which if you haven’t bought it yet, you need to go here and do so now. click here)

It’s a product people desperately need and love to buy, plus it’s cheap so literally anyone can afford it, even you – here.

But a good product to sell doesn’t mean a whole lot, if you don’t have people to sell it to (lol obviously), so we need traffic (that’s the online term for getting people to see your product) and preferably we need automated traffic.

I think it’s funny that people spend ALL of their time online worrying about traffic because seriously traffic is the easiest thing ever.

I have 2 traffic strategies that kick ass.

#1: A free marketing strategy. This is for people on a budget that want to get A LOT of traffic fast, but don’t have the money to pay for traffic. It works and it’s easy.

However, I only reveal my free traffic blueprint to my Empower Network teammates. So if I were you, I’d just become one real quick, here. You can join Empower for just $25 and I’ll instantly send you a link to my free traffic blueprint (again this blueprint is 100% free with your purchase of Empower and the traffic strategy is 100% free to implement and it works – incredibly well). Get it as a bonus by joining my personal Empower Network team here (<== the order form to join for $25).

#2: Paid traffic. I get a lot of my traffic through paid traffic because it’s fun and it’s easy. I do a few things:

– I do solo ads. You’ll learn everything you need to know about solo ads, when you join Empower Network here for $25.

– The other thing I do, which is really cool is called cpc broker. I have a campaign running with them all the time. You can check it out here: The smallest package is $200, but generally I get leads for about $2 a pop, which is VERY good (most people average about $5 per lead online).

My free marketing strategies are a little less automated because they’re free lol, so they do require some work. However, I make money from my free advertising all the time, so they definitely WORK in a big way.

And once you have:

A good, low priced product to sell – and lots of traffic. All you have to do is convert that traffic into sales, which equals money in your bank account : ).

This is where the automated sales process comes in.

Seriously – NO place online has as good of an automated sales process as Empower Network.

I’ve been marketing online for a little over 4 years now. I’ve seen it all. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on advertising and got little to no return and I am telling you: NOTHING online converts as well as Empower Network. Nothing.

To make money on the net you NEED a sales process that converts your traffic into sales.

You CANNOT make money without a solid automated sales process. That is, unless you want to spend day and night on the phone with prospects selling a dream that you’re not even living. We’ll all go to the beach and laugh at you a bit, but you can probably do it : )

Here, let’s do this:

Check out my sales process for Empower Network. It’s bad ass and it converts. If you’re going to sell something online (which you need to do, if you want to make money online) you might as well sell SOMETHING that’s actually going to convert into money in your pocket, wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s the sales video Empower Network uses (I use their default video because it converts)

Plus, Empower Network pays you 100% of the commissions. Where else can you find that online?

Yep, nowhere.

You need to join Empower Network today and we’ll flat-out SHOW you how to get traffic and sales –  while you’re sleeping at night.


Because it’s easy.

Just get in the thing and you’ll see what I mean : )

Join for just $25 here:

I’ll see you on the inside my friend : )

Landon Stewart
-“Freedom Artist”

P.S. If you want more information about Empower Network, before you join, watch this video here: