Hey guys what’s going on? I know that this post might go against people’s beliefs on network marketing, but still everything I’m gonna’ say is 100% true.

Right now what I want you to do is remember the days when you were brand new to network marketing and how did you think you were supposed to build this business.

Day one it seemed so simple; you get two, I get two, and we all get rich. By day four we realized that wasn’t going to happen. We were actually going to have to work at this! We just didn’t quite know what to do, so we looked around us to see what everyone else was doing.

We noticed the majority of people are shouting from the rooftops how great their opportunity is, so what did we start doing? Shouting from the rooftops how great our opportunity is!

We bugged friends and family explaining that our opportunity is different than all those scams. We spammed social media sites like facebook with our revolutionary new compensation plan. We sent out massive amounts of emails telling the world that we can make this happen.

Those strategies didn’t work. It didn’t take us too long to figure out that EVERYONE has the best business opportunity. EVERYONE has revolutionary comp plans. EVERYONE has the best product this world has ever seen.

The question is: how in the heck are we supposed to stand out in this online world of massive competition?

Let’s pause for a second and realize that it takes about 100 days from the start of a networkers career to realize these things. Some got lucky and found the truth early; I wasn’t one of those people. I was in network marketing for about 4 months shouting about my biz opp before I realized that my “strategies” flat out sucked.

The sad truth is, the average network marketer only lasts 93 days in this industry, so the majority of people that join this business will never EVER notice this ugly, ugly trend.

But right, what did we do next? We started searching for a better way to do things. A way that made people actually want to talk to us and actually want to join our business, where we wouldn’t have to sell anything to anyone! AKA: We found a funded proposal.

It’s magical. We market to people already in network marketing. We don’t have to convince them that MLMs are NOT pyramid schemes. We don’t have to “show them the light”. They already believe in everything we’re doing, but odds are they STILL aren’t making any money.

They have three big problems. Not enough money coming into their business, not enough traffic coming to their websites, not enough leads filling the empty hole in their autoresponders. And all we have to do is give them the tool (our funded proposal) that literally solves all three of those problems within a few short months.

By this time we’re golden to these prospects; we just solved every single problem that they face! We know for a fact that these people will join our primary in the long term. Not only that, but by marketing our funded proposal first we essentially solve all three of those problems for ourselves. I call that a win, win, win, win!

This is all stage two of a networkers career.

A great stage, but it still has its flaws.

The problem is people get lost in the magic. They love their funded proposal so much, and decide to simply hide behind it. They think if I can just sell this funded proposal, I won’t have to worry about rejection of my primary company. I won’t have to help out my entire downline. I won’t have any responsibility to anyone else, yet I can still make money!

People get so caught up in that that they forget the bigger picture. They forget the reason why they got started in their funded proposal in the first place! They forget that funded proposals CANNOT make you rich. There’s no leverage in a funded proposal because your team duplication doesn’t make you any money.

97% of all networkers never make it stage three of their career, which is so sad because most are right on the edge of success. They’re right there; all they have to do is grab it! But they quit just one stage too soon.

Stage three is the realization that you’re business opportunity is important! That your main goal in everything you do should be to recruit people into your primary opportunity!

People realize that funded proposals are great yes, but they’re only a tool. A tool to bring people into your organization.

You don’t want to spam social media sites with how great your opportunity is, but you shouldn’t be ashamed of it either! You need to be in an opportunity that you can tell people about. That doesn’t mean you beg anyone to join; you don’t NEED anyone to join you, but the truth of the matter is the more people you tell about your opportunity the more people will join your opportunity!

Get excited about that again. The network marketing side of things is where the real money is. That’s where you have the greatest leverage. So whatever you do don’t forget what’s most important in your business.

We have more leverage than any business on the face of the planet, why would anyone want to waste that!? Remember this is network marketing, not affiliate marketing.

I’d love to know what you think about this one!

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