Hey how’s it going?

I’m about to talk to you about this strange marketing phenomenon

…that some crazy people call “split testing”.

Personally – I think split testing is the dumbest thing ever.

I actually think it’s kind of funny.

I’ll hop on Facebook and see some guy asking about 2 different lead capture pages…

He’ll say something like:

“Which one of these do you think will convert better?? The long one or the short one? The one with the video or the one without??”

Then buried down in the comments some “marketing gooroo dude” will say something like:

Test them! You should always be testing your marketing!”.


Here’s why I laugh at this nonsense:

If you’re new to internet marketing, you literally CAN’T test your marketing.

Most new people think that “to test” their marketing means to send 50 clicks to 2 different pages. Page 1 generates 15 leads and page 2 generates 17 leads.

“I’ve got it!”, they think. “Page 2 with the video definitely converts better, therefore I’m going to tell everyone to only make lead capture pages with videos on them!”

That’s just cray (cray means crazy FYI)

Sending 50 visitors somewhere is NOT testing anything.

You can’t conclusively believe that page 2 converts better than page 1 because it converted 4% better from a sample size of just 50 people…

…and even though you and I both know how cray that is, that’s still what MOST people think.

They’re wrong.

Unless you’re able to drive THOUSANDS of visitors somewhere, there is absolutely no point in split testing anything.

So here’s what you need to do instead of wasting your time and money on split testing in the beginning (eventually you’ll be able to drive a lot of traffic, therefore split testing becomes VERY important).

But do this and you can actually make some money online for once (refreshing right..?)

1.) Market a system that already has proven lead capture pages.

I wouldn’t start off creating your own at first. There’s no point in driving traffic somewhere that might not convert. Start off with a system that is proven to convert traffic into leads, and once you have the available cash-flow to start testing your own stuff, have at it.

2.) Always use “backups”.

Using a backup is VERY different than split testing.

You see, even though I rarely split test anything, I use a backup for EVERYTHING.

I always use two different versions of a lead capture page, I always use two different subject lines in my emails, I always use two different versions of an ad I post on Facebook.

This isn’t because I’m trying to split test them and find the one that converts .001% better.

I do this just in case one completely bombs.

So when I send an email out to my list, I write two different variations of the subject line.

If one subject line sucks, I’m still able to profit from the email.

This is a safety net for my business. It’s better to be safe than sorry 😉

So everyone PLEASE stop trying to sound like a goo-roo by telling people to split test stuff, when you’ve probably never split tested anything in your life(!).

Once again, do this instead:

1.) Use a proven system for generating leads, so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

2.) Have a back up at all times just in case.

The tools I use to make it happen:

#1: Empower Network. That’s THE system I use to generate leads on demand. Right now I’m averaging in-between 30-40 autopilot leads per day.

Hahaha no joke. I’m currently generating more leads a day than the average internet marketer generates EVER (the average internet marketer generates less than 10 leads in his/her entire lifespan online) and all I’m doing is following the simple instructions given inside Empower. (it’s $25 per month to get started… for now)

Click here to get in.

#2: Page swirl. This is the url rotator I use.

Basically you put in a link to 2 different websites/lead capture pages. Page swirl will then give you one link. You market that one link and the software will automatically rotate them back and forth. It’s like 8 bucks a month.

More important than split testing everything is simply using lead capture pages that already convert.

That’s why I have my entire team marketing the Empower Network system.

Empower Network
flat out gives you everything you need to convert your traffic into leads (and if you don’t have traffic yet, they’ll show you EXACTLY how to get it)

Plus, why would you market anything else online?

Most people online are marketing these little clickbank products or some mlm deal. Sure that can be fun at times…

…except for the fact that they’re earning these tiny, itsy-bitsy commissions.

Inside Empower Network, you’ll immediately earn 100% commissions on EVERYTHING.

The only other way to do that is to create your own product, capture pages, sales pages, sales emails, support team, legal disclaimers, etc.

Why would you do all of that stuff on your own, when Empower Network already has it done for you?

Just get in (only $25 to get started).

Once you’re in, I’ll send you a link to our team Facebook group and we’ll get you rocking and rolling ASAP : ).

Talk soon,

Landon Stewart
– “Commission Magician”.