Is Empower Network A Scam? Critical Review Reveals All

Greetings from Landon Stewart and welcome to the most honest Empower Network Review online.

Right now you’re probably surfing the internet reading dozens of “Empower Network Scam” articles trying to figure out if the Empower Network is a legitimate business opportunity or just another one of those “get rich quick schemes”.

This review is going to give you the inside scoop on the Empower Network that isn’t available ANYWHERE else online.

My friend, if you’re in Empower Network right now or you’re thinking about joining, this will be the most important review you ever read..

Inside you’re going to discover..

1.) The truth about the Empower Network.

2.) The #1 reason why 97% of Empower Network reps will fail within their first 93 days and why you don’t have to be one of them.

3.) How you can double the amount of cash-flow you have coming into your life over the next 30 days using nothing, but Empower Network. (*Tip: If you aren’t using these strategies you will wander around making ZERO money online)

I know all of that sounds crazy, but just stick with me..

You’re about to tap into the thousands of dollars I’ve spent over the last 2+ years trying to figure this online thing out. Let me explain..

29 months ago I was desperate. I was running around the internet like a mad on steroids trying to figure out a way to make money online, so that I could truly have the freedom that I craved. I was looking for a system that actually worked..

I didn’t have an ounce of online marketing experience. I had a computer, but I didn’t know the first thing about the internet or how it worked.

I didn’t know what to look for or who to trust, but I was desperate.

It was the typical “well, the economy sucks” type story, so I did everything in my power to figure this online thing out..

..and after racking up about $5,000 in “experience” (pure debt) and taking the stares of my family and the laughs of my friends..

It got so bad, that I literally stopped sleeping at night. I was so stressed that every morning I would wake up with this lock jaw thing going on, so I started staying up ALL night doing anything and EVERYTHING to make this online business work.

I had to figure out, I had no other choice..

At the time I drove around a beat up 1993 Toyota Celica (with no CD player in it). My shoes had holes in the bottom of them. I would come home from a game of basketball and my feet would literally be bleeding (I still have the scars on my toes. If we ever meet at a conference, I’ll show you). I didn’t have the money to go out with my friends or have fun with my family.

My life was a joke..

..and when I got online, I knew I had 2 options..

I could either create my own products and sell them or become an affiliate of other people’s products and sell those.

Now, creating and marketing my own products would definitely be cool a thing to do, and that way I could make 100% commissions on everything I sold.

For instance, if I sold my own product for $100, I would instantly make $100. That’s super powerful, however..

The amount of work that goes into creating a product that actually sells is unimaginable, until you actually do it.

First, you have to create the product (90-100 days). Then you have to create the sales funnel to sell the products. I.E. lead capture pages, sales pages, sales videos, sales emails etc. (90-100 days). Then you have to market the sales funnel to sell the product. I.E. traffic generation through SEO, PPC, Social Media, Solo Ads, CPV, CPA etc. (90-100 days).

If you decide to create and promote your very own products, you are 270-300 days away from being profitable. OUCH.

All of that just to make 100% commissions.. it worth it?


Because here’s option number 2: Sell other people’s products.

That sounds simple enough.

You don’t have to create a product of your own. No sales pages to make, no sales emails to write, no capture page videos to shoot. All you have to do is send traffic through someone else’s sales funnel, and you can make money, right?


Let me explain..

When you sell other people’s products, you only get 50% commissions at BEST. Usually 30% to 40% commissions in most affiliate programs.

Why does that matter?  All you have to do is send double the traffic that you’d send to your own products and then technically you’re making 100% commissions, right?

Once again, wrong..

You see, most paid marketing campaigns on the internet today are set up to be just barely profitable. Meaning if you’re selling a $100 product, the campaign is set up to spend $90 (maybe even more) to generate one sale.

In this situation you’re paying $90 to make $100. That’s 10 bucks in profit for every sale you make.


You’re in profit, plus you’re generating opt-in leads and buyer leads that you can sell to forever to eventually be highly profitable.

That’s how online marketing works, however..

If you’re only getting 50% commissions, it’s impossible to run a profitable paid marketing campaign.

You would still be spending $90 to sell the same $100 product just like the gurus are, except you’re only making $50 in return. That means for every sale you make, you’re losing $40. OUCH.

You can see why 97% of network marketers literally spend themselves out of business within their first 93 days online.

Marketers with HUGE marketing budgets can make the affiliate business model work, however when I got started I didn’t have a huge budge..

..I knew I wasn’t ready to create my own products yet, and I quickly figured out paid advertising wasn’t the solution.. I turned to the only viable option available: blogging.

Blogging is free, so selling other people’s products even at small commission rates can easily be profitable.

ah ha” I thought, “I got it”.

Except what most new marketers don’t realize is that blogging takes TIME. A lot of it.

You see the idea behind blogging is to get your website ranked in Google for various keywords. People will then search for those keywords in Google, and when they click on your website, you will have the ability to turn that visitor into a lead and eventually into a sale.

In this situation, Google traffic is the key and if you’re not getting ranked in Google, it doesn’t work very well..

You see, when getting a brand new website ranked in Google, Google does thing call the “Google Dance”.

Google wants to find out if your website is the real deal or not. So what it will do for the first 90-120 days is have it jump around the rankings. Your website will go from page 5 for a keyword to page 1 then back to page 3 and then to page 4 and then back to page 2 and so on.

Google wants to find out if you’re going to keep marketing or if you’re going to give up like the rest of them and because of this it’s extremely difficult to get any real traffic to your website within your first 90 to 120 days blogging.


The average network marketer quits in 93 days.. how can you create a team into the thousands, when they‘re going to quit, before they even have a chance to generate leads online..?

That’s the problem that I’ve been struggling with for the past 3 years..

In my primary network marketing opportunity, I’ve built a team of over 160 people in just the last 6 months alone, however..

..very little duplication, which has led to very little paychecks (bigger than average, smaller than my dreams).

That’s the problem that has been holding online network marketers back for the entire lifespan of the internet..

..and that’s the exact problem Empower Network solved.

Which is why..

Even though I’ve built a team of over 160 people in my primary network marketing opportunity, I’ve decided to completely shift gears and dedicate all of my energy to promoting Empower Network.

By doing so, my income has more than double in just the past 17 days alone.

Here’s why you can do the same..

Empower Network pays out instant 100% commissions on everything you sell.

So you could either: Spend the next 270 to 300 days creating your very own products just to make 100% commissions, or you could join Empower Network and be set up to receive instant 100% commissions today..

You sell the $25 product, you make $25 (instantly deposited directly into your bank account).

100% commissions is one of the most powerful aspects of Empower Network, but it sure as heck isn’t the only..

Do you remember when I talked to you about the “Google Dance”? What Google does to brand new websites?

Well, Empower Network GIVES you your very own blog on the Empower Network domain name that Google already LOVES.

Why is that so important?

Well instead of waiting 90-120 days for your blog to get be-friended by Google, you can have your very own blog up and running with Empower Network the SECOND you join.

You can actually join Empower today and have your blog start ranking in Google tomorrow..

Plus, this thing is decked out with classy Empower Network ads designed to turn every single website visitor into a member of your team that you earn instant 100% commissions on.

What’s even more powerful than that.. having the ability to get your new team members generating traffic from day one.

Let’s say you recruit a new team member into your primary network marketing company today. Well instead of having this guy/gal learn blogging, then create a blog, then spend 100 days trying to market this thing, you can plug him/her into Empower Network and have your teammates generating traffic, leads, and sales the second they join you.

Not only that, but you can use the 100% commissions to fuel you and your team’s growth in your primary opportunity (I personally use Empower Network as my primary opportunity, but you don’t have to).

The ONLY reason network marketers fail is lack of cash-flow. Here’s why: EVERYTHING in this industry costs money. A LOT of money.

You have autoships to pay for, trainings to buy, live events to attend, courses to go through, marketing to do, and then of course there is something else to buy.

If you don’t have cash-flow coming into your pocket fast, you will spend yourself right out of business in 3 months or less. I know because that’s what 97% of the people in this industry do and that‘s why so many people ultimately quit on their dreams.

It takes money to run a business. That’s just the way it is.

However, the majority of the people that you recruit aren’t going to have enough money to buy what’s needed to succeed. That’s why it’s SO crucial to your business that each and every single new member of your team is generating cash-flow FAST.

It’s a lot easier to go to Vegas for the next live event, (getting your team to live events is CRITICAL) when the cash to go is coming from their profits and not from their pocket.

Right now everything that I buy for my business is f-r-e-e and I literally buy everything. Every new course that comes out I buy. Every new live event that comes out I go to. I add multiple new marketing strategies to my business every single month and it’s all FREE.


The money it costs to pay for those things comes straight out of my Empower Network profit, not my pocket.

That’s how I have been able to perfect my marketing craft.

The majority of the people you recruit won’t have the money to do that, UNLESS you show them how they can receive instant 100% commissions FAST.

That’s truly what made me catch the Empower Network vision.

Now my teammates can go through the same training I go through, they can do the same marketing I do, they can be at the same live events I’m at because for the first time, they now have the cash-flow to do it. The amount of team camaraderie I now have is nothing short of breathe taking.

For the first time in my life as a network marketer, I don’t feel like I’m taking people’s money.

I truly believe that every single person I bring into Empower Network has a fair chance to create legacy transforming wealth just like I do.

I’m letting people come along for the ride..

The ride that has allowed me to create “quit my job” income in just 6 months. The ride that has allowed me to make more money in a single weekend, while I was relaxing in Las Vegas, than I did in the previous two years working at the job I hated. The ride that has allowed me to start planning my dream vacation to stay at the Live Aqua Limitless hotel in Cancun (over $600 bucks a night!). I’ve always wanted to go to Cancun and now I finally get to.

This is the ride of my life..

..and now my friend, here’s my formal invitation to you to come along with me..

You found this website because it’s ranked page 1 for the keyword “Empower Network”. That is one of the most competitive keywords in the network marketing industry today. I got ranked there in less than two weeks. That equals A LOT of traffic.

I know how to get traffic, I know how to get leads, I know how to get sales..

..and if you join me in Empower Network today, I will teach you everything..

I will give you a one hour 1 on 1 business strategy session with me personally, where we will devise a game plan for you to totally kill it over the next 30 days.

I’ll show you EXACTLY what I did to get ranked page 1 for this keyword and dozens of others and how you can do the exact same thing.

I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing to recruit 7-10 Empower Network reps every single week.

I’m giving you my entire business model for FREE.

DISCLAIMER: Due to competition and team growth, I’m not going to be able to offer the 1 on 1 coaching forever, however..

If you act now, we can have you getting website visitors, generating targeted leads, recruiting new Empower Network reps, and receiving 100% commissions instantly deposited into YOUR bank account every single day.. by this time next week.

Empower Network is just $25 bucks to get started. CLICK HERE to get started now.

The second you get in shoot me an email (my email address will be inside), and we’ll set up a time to do your 1 on 1 strategy session.

Make the decision that you’re ready to change your life and the life of your teammates today. Click here to get started now.

When you click that link, you will be redirected to the secure Empower Network shopping cart, where you can get started today for just 25 bucks.

Click here to join now.

P.S. I know you came here wanting to find out if Empower Network is a scam or not. Obviously it isn’t, since I’m in it, however let me assure you that the Empower Network is in no way shape or form “a scam”.

I’ve known David Wood (the creator) for over a year. I met him for the first time at the MLSP event in Las Vegas last year and the dude is one of the good guys in our industry. He works with nothing but class and integrity.

When you join, you will create your very own merchant account. That means that Empower Network never sees the commissions you earn. It doesn’t go through Empower Network, therefore you don’t have to wait for them to send you a check.

You own the business and every commission that you earn will be directly deposited into YOUR bank account.

This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for them to scam you.

Click here to get started now.

I’ll see you on the inside.

– Landon

UPDATE: Using the Empower Network system, I have now made a total of over $90,000, and I’ve personally enrolled 342 people into the company using their marketing system.

So it’s safe to say: it works 🙂