Genesis Pure Review – The Uncensored Truth

Genesis Pure

Genesis Pure


Hello my friends welcome to my personal website, my name is Landon Stewart, and today I’m going to share with you the most honest and uncensored Genesis Pure review that you’ll find online. It’s probably going to be different than anything you’ve ever read before because I’m actually going to give you the truth unlike the majority of these “marketing gurus”.

Genesis Pure has a great looking product line; however it’s not something necessarily new and high tech, but honestly that’s not a bad thing!

The majority of people out there today look at the network marketing industry as a whole, and think the only way they will be successful is to find a company that has some revolutionary new product line, when the truth of the matter is that’s complete BS.

Yeah you want to have a good product, but who said it needs to come from planet Mars to be great!?

If you market yourself the way I teach you, you could be selling ice to Eskimos and it wouldn’t even matter! You’re still going to get dozens and dozens of new prospects looking to join your business each and every single day!

More on exactly how to do that here in just a minute, but first we need to talk a little bit more about this company.

There are dozens of brand new network marketing companies started every single day. Some are great, and some are awful scams just looking to take your money! My job is telling you which are which. So let me just start this Genesis Pure review off by saying it is not a scam!

If you do the work they will pay every single cent that you deserve, but remember you’re going to have to do the work.

They do not have the greatest new invention since sliced bread for a product, but you don’t need that and you don’t necessarily want that! Yes, you want to have a good solid product that you can personally use and support, but have you ever noticed what happens to those real flashy hyped up MLMs? They crash and burn!

Every single one of those companies that have these supposed miraculous products, with comp plans that pay out 99%, and leaders that personally invented network marketing themselves, end in disappointment.


There’s no support.

Big name “gurus” come in with a huge list, and sign up thousands of people, but then are off to some “hit new opportunity” the very next day leaving the little guy in the dust. That’s not a way to run a business and Genesis Pure is not like that one bit, which is why I think it is a nice little business opportunity.

I am not personally involved with company, however I do have friends that are and they are absolutely killing it! But the difference between the reps in Genesis Pure taking home these huge paychecks and the reps walking out the door empty handed is one thing and one thing only: MARKETING.

At the end of the day network marketing is about marketing and marketing only.

There are two forms of advertising that are both extremely popular and extremely ineffective that I see happen daily not only in Genesis Pure, but in tons of other opportunities as well. Here they are:

1.)    Two just plain awful offline methods.

The first is that stupid 3 feet rule, where you’re supposed to hand a business card to everyone within 3 feet of yourself. Honestly could there be a worst way to recruit new reps? Don’t get me wrong, this works for some people. This is how Amway was built back in the glory days of MLM and Amway is huge! But is that really how you want to market you’re business, when we have something so much more powerful right at our fingertips!?

Do you ever see business owners that run brick and mortar business advertise this way? No you don’t. Why? Because it doesn’t work and it wastes our most valuable resource: our time.

The second horrible offline strategy for building a network marketing empire is to write out a list of friends and family.

Let me explain to you why this is such an awful idea!

Picture this: You just signed up for Genesis Pure. You’re all jazzed up about this new opportunity to say goodbye to your boss forever, to reach the dreams that you know you deserve, and your one chance to finally achieve financial freedom. At this point you’re flat out pumped ready to make some money!

You’re sponsor tells you to talk to your friends and family and get them signed up, but he forgot to mention one little problem.

If a person cannot or do not think they can reach their dreams, you can bet they will try to talk you out of yours. That’s right. You’re pumped, but the moment you start talking to Aunt Suzie about this wonderful opportunity, she will talk you straight out of it!

“We’ll I don’t knooowwww”, she’ll say. “Aren’t a lot of those scams. You know I heard something like 97% of network marketers fail. Do you think you can really make this happen?”

And bam before you know you’re dream of financial independence just crashed and burned. It’s not because you’re aunt hates you and want to see you fail. She has great intentions and doesn’t want to see you get hurt, but she is so wrong! God is she wrong!

If you want to make it in this business with Genesis Pure or any other business opportunity you can! You just have to follow the blueprint.

2.)    Is an online method I hate, you hate, we all hate.

Spamming the internet with a bunch of nonsense about how great your opportunity is. There is something that people need to learn. Every one has a business opportunity and everyone thinks that their business opportunity is the best even if its not!

Kind of like a man at the tracks when he bets on a horse. There is no way in heck you’re going to talk that man out of the horse that he just bet on, that is until after the race is over and his horse lost.

In online marketing you can’t talk someone out of their business opportunity just by stating that yours is better. It doesn’t work and it ruins the game for everyone else.

The key is attracting people to you, and then they will be naturally attracted to your business.

Yeah I know, it sounds easier than it actually is.

And the hardest part is you need results within your first 100 days in the business! Not only do you need results that soon, but so does your personal team. That’s right, stats show that people that don’t get results within their first 93 days quit their business.

And to see success that quickly you’ll need traffic and a heck of a lot of it especially in your first 100 days!

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