Juice Plus Scam? Critical Review Reveals All

Juice Plus Scam

Juice Plus

Greetings from Landon Stewart and welcome to the most honest Juice Plus Review online.

I know why you’re here.

Right now you’re wandering around the internet reading all the “Juice Plus Scam” articles you can find trying to figure out if this thing is just another one of those “pyramid schemes”.

I can assure you that Juice Plus is not a scam or pyramid scheme. In fact pyramid schemes are actually super simple to spot. I’ll get to that here in just a second..

..but first, here’s what you’ve got to realize..

The network marketing business model (the one you’re about to get into) is not easy.

When you search Google for “Juice Plus Scam” you’re going to find hundreds of reviews written by people calling this thing a scam. They’re going to tell you it’s impossible to make a Juice Plus business work. They’re going to tell you it took all of their money. They’re going to tell you “the people at the top make all of the money.”

In fact, you could search Google for the other 4800 legitimate network marketing opportunities and read the exact same thing.

And the reason why these people call Juice Plus a scam is because when they joined, they thought it would be easy.

They thought they could join, tell a friend or two about it, have them join and have them do the same, then 30 days later they would be vacationing in Hawaii.


That’s not how the network marketing business model works. Network marketing and Juice Plus specifically takes work; A LOT of work.

I figured that out the hard way.

My first two years in the network marketing industry, I made a total of $16.

When I started, I thought it would be easy. “This thing sells itself” I thought. I was wrong.

At the two year mark I finally realized that this is a business and businesses take work.

So what I did, was I decided to put my nose to the grind-stone and really get to work. I gave it everything I had for the next 6 months..

..and in that 6 month period I built a team of over 160 reps in my primary opportunity..

..I took a trip to Vegas and made more money in the two days that I was there, than I did the previous two years working at the job I hated.

So to say the network marketing business model is a scam is just plain crazy. I know it works because it’s working for me, however keep in mind, I did what was needed to make it happen.

No one can decide your financial future, but you.

Now I’m not personally a rep for Juice Plus, which is what makes this an honest review, however I personally know Juice Plus reps and they are making an absolute killing with it.

It’s not a scam. Like I said earlier, the scams and schemes are easy to spot. Here’s how you can..

Take a look at their products. That’s all you have to do. The only difference between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate opportunity is the products they offer.

Pyramid schemes don’t have products. They just ask for your money. That’s what makes them illegal, however’ legit companies like Juice Plus have a product line that comes with the opportunity. You can actually make a full time income just from selling the products (not recommended, but possible).

The real key to making your dreams come true with the network marketing business model is to recruit as many new reps as possible.

The more reps you bring in the more money you’ll make.

I recruit 9 or more new reps into my business opportunity each and every single week. That’s how I’ve been able to quit the job I hated. That’s how I’ve been able to go on more vacations in the last 6 months than I went on the previous 6 years. That’s how I’ve been able to save up more retirement money in the last 2 weeks than I saved up in an entire year using a 401k.

I’m able to do this using the power of the internet. I have systems and tools doing the hard work for me, so that I don’t have to.

I don’t cold call, I don’t talk to friends and family, and I don’t wander around Wal-Mart.

I have systems in place that bring me in 15-20 targeted leads that are already ready to join me BEFORE they even talk to me. I recruit 1-2 of those per day, and the reason why I don’t recruit more is because I turn them down.

I choose who I want to work with on a daily basis. I don’t have a boss tell me what to do EVER. I sleep in as late as I want. I work 3-4 hours per day MAX. I’m 21 years old and I’m already living the life of my dreams.

The great thing for you is that the systems, strategies, and methods that I’m using can be applied to each and every single network marketing opportunity in existance today.

My strategies are founded upon proven principals that work..

..and I just got done creating 4 new videos that reveal everything..

..they’ll show you step by step what I do every single day to recruit more reps per week than the average network marketer recruits in his/her entire lifespan.

You’ll get my exact strategies and marketing methods. They work for me and they’ll work for you.

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