Visalus Scam? An Expert’s Visalus Review

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This Visalus review will probably be different than anything you’ve ever read online mainly because most Visalus reviews tell you the exact same thing.


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They list out the products Visalus has. They tell you they have an awesome product, and they tell you Visalus is an awesome opportunity and you need to join Visalus, UNDER THEM of course.

That’s what makes this review just a little different. First of all I’m not going to waste my time listing out every single product they carry. You probably wouldn’t be here right now, if you didn’t know a little bit about the company. Second, I’m not a member of Visalus, which makes this review 100% unbiased and I have written dozens and dozens of reviews on all types of network marketing companies which does make this one extremely credible.

So let’s get to it.

We can take just a quick look at the product. They’re product is.. well uhmm pretty plain. I mean Visalus is in the health and wellness industry just like the other 4200 out of the 4800 MLMs out there.

Yeah they say their vitamins are the best vitamins that exist, but the other 4200 Vitamin MLMs say the exact same thing. As you can see that makes tough competition for anyone that decides to join this business opportunity.

Now I’m not knocking Visalus and I’m not saying it’s a bad company because honestly it’s not. It’s actually one of the more sturdy companies that I’ve written about.

I’m simply giving you all the facts so that you can make the wisest decision possible. I mean it’s smart to know exactly what you’re getting into before you get into it, wouldn’t you agree?

So what exactly would you be getting into if you joined Visalus? Well you’d be joining a great business opportunity and IF you learned how to do this business the right way and market this business the right way, you could be extremely profitable.

The key is learning how to do this business the right way. If you’re brand new you might not have noticed the noise in the market place yet, but I promise it’s there.

And what I mean by noise in the market place is that the other 4200 health and wellness MLMs are shouting from the rooftops how great their company is and how great their product is.

For example, if you get on Facebook and say that you’re a network marketer, I guarantee you’ll get at least 10 emails from other vitamin juice distributors telling you they have some new magic vitamin juice that was just invented and is absolutely the best that exists.

That’s problem number 1 with online marketing. Then you look at a huge problem number 2 if you try to market offline.

You’d first go after your friends and family, except you’ll notice real quick that number 1 they don’t care about your business, and number 2 they don’t want to pay 200 bucks for vitamins.

Which if you didn’t have the right training; these two little dilemmas could be HUGE problems. That is why it’s so vitally important to your success to learn how to do this business the right way, whether you join Visalus or any other network marketing business opportunity.

You see the key to this business is marketing. You’ll find out real quick that chasing your friends and family and spamming social media sites get you know where. 30 years ago the whole “I’ll get two and you’ll get two method” worked and it worked well.

But Amway sort of ruined that for all of us. I mean 97% of people in network marketing right now will eventually quit. That means that 97% of people that have been in Amway for the last 50 years or so failed, which honestly isn’t Amways fault. I’m not blaming them because Amway truly is a great company, but still I can almost guarantee that every one of your friends and family know someone that “lost a shirt in network marketing!”

That’s exactly what you’re friends and family are going to tell you and 9 times out of 10 family actually talks people out of their goals, dreams, and ambitions, and get them to quit this industry. Not on purpose, but because they care about you and don’t want to see you lose a shirt like Aunt Bertha over there (not a pretty site!)

So we know the whole hotel meetings and chasing friends and family plan just plain sucks and quite frankly doesn’t work.

And we know going on Facebook and talking about how your opportunity is the best that ever existed just like the other 200,000 people that join the network marketing industry every single week.

And we know that you need a consistent flow of leads coming into your business each and every single day like clockwork semi-automatically or your business will die like a man without oxygen.

So how exactly do we make that happen?

Well you know what I’m glad you asked. I have a presentation set up on the next page that shows you exactly how to make that happen. It gives you a step by step blueprint to generating leads online.

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This is the same exact blueprint that guys like Brian Fanale, David Wood, and Cedrick Harris used to go from generating zero visitors to their websites and zero recruits into their business to generating 100+ leads per day and 5+ new distributors into their primary business opportunity each and every single day.

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