Hey everyone how’s it going? I was just searching around the internet today and I came across a site called Busines44.com and one of the posts wrote out a list of network marketing tools that you need in your business to succeed.

For the most part I agreed with what the author said, but then again I have some disagreements so I thought that I would write my own blog post on the same topic.

If you’ve been in this busy very long you probably have a pretty good idea of what you need to make money. There’s the obvious things like websites and leads, and the not-so-obvious things like great converting capture pages, and split testing technology.
So here it is my list of network marketing tools you HAVE to have to make money in this business.

1. Lead capture pages that you can split test

This is crucial for your business especially if you’re going to be advertising your network marketing business with any kind of paid media like google ppc or facebook ppc.

I mean yeah you can send people to a blog from these paid websites, but honestly they won’t convert near as well, so you’d be wasting your money.

They also need the capability of being split tested. That’s the only way to make conversions better. You’re first ad doesn’t even need to be good. You start with a basic ad, and change word, then change one word again, then another, and soon you have a rockstar performing ad.

2. An autoresponder. This one is fairly obvious because how in the heck can you build relationships with leads without one?

With autoresponder you simply pre-load emails online and when you get a new lead, the autoresponder will automatically send those emails out over a given period of time.

Remember! This does NOT take the place of calling your leads especially not at first! You will get to the point that you have way too many leads to call, but when you’re just getting started really build a relationship over the phone with every single lead you get.

3. This leads me into my next point which is you need to have at least 30 professionaly written emails loaded up into your autoresponder. Any less than that, and you’ll lose a lot of sales. The key here is to make sure that they are professional. I know most of us aren’t copywriters or anything like that, so this might be one thing that you should splurge and pay a professional to do for you.

I swear it’s that important!

4. This here is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for your network marketing business. If this thing that I’m about to mention next is good, everything else doesn’t really matter.

It’s called a funded proposal. You need a GOOD one for a ton of different reasons.

I’ll list two. Number 1: You CANNOT lead with your business. Meaning you should never ever try to get someone to join your business that you do not have a relationship with first.

It’s too expensive and too difficult to push your business off on someone and have your entire advertising budget go straight to recruiting new reps. Business are not built this way and it just doesn’t work!

You need to lead with value and with a front end product that SOLVES other people’s problems. If you solve someone’s problem you will have no problem in recruiting him into your business.

For example I’m in Numis Network. Now I can’t go around telling everyone how great Numis Network is because they’ve heard all that before! Who cares how great my company is right? I know you don’t! And honestly I could care less about yours, but now if you had a huge problem with traffic generation.

For some reason you just couldn’t hack it. You just got no traffic! And I gave you the tools so that you could get traffic and now your business is taking off, whose opportunity do you want to join?

Mine? Or the guy bragging about how great his is? You see what I’m saying?

Number 2: Advertising is just expensive and it takes a while to build up a big downline. The average network marketer only lasts 93 days, and it at least 6 months to build a downline, so most never make it even close to that mark. And it’s because they run out of money, or they aren’t seeing any results and think it’s not working.

People need to get commissions within their first 90 days or they’re going to quit. That’s just the business we’re in. And the way to do that is by offering something up front that contains value and solves problems, NOT YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

You see a funded proposal kills too birds with one stone. It gets money in your pocket fast, and it makes it a heck of a lot easier to sponsor people. If you find a good one of these, your set.

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Have a great day!

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