Hey everyone! How’s it going?

We all have them; the friend that cares about you enough to talk you out of those mlm “schemes”. They don’t care about us when we get dumped, could care less when we lost our job, gave us a fake smirk when we got a new girlfriend and a new job, BUT when the time comes for us to venture out into the world and start our own business, man oh man do they care!

Aunt Bertha calls you on the phone telling you that Mr. Aunt Bertha lost his shirt in one of those “ponzis”. Sister Katherine begs you not to go through with it and your parents… Please for the love of god, let’s not even get into that!

So the question is, how can you get this negativity away from your business long enough to succeed? I mean honestly you don’t have to keep it away forever; just long enough for you to get your first paycheck because when you get that they’re ready to sell their sole to the devil himself just to join your business!

But still this a HUGE problem in our business. The average network marketer lasts ONLY 93 DAYS. And to be quite honest, I think the main reason why people quit so soon is because of their “loving” family.

Realistically on average it takes about 3 to 6 months to see ANY kind of money in this business, but for some reason your friends think you’re a huge failure if you haven’t made money in your first two weeks. They have been slaving away for years to get little wages, yet if we’re not rich in 2 weeks, we’re bums! And then they just hammer down on ya’ for the next 2 months and most people toss in that furry white towel.

So how can we make sure the same doesn’t happen to us? How can we keep this negativity out of our lives?

Step 1: Realize it’s going to happen.

Simply accept it. Your family is going to HATE what you do. They’ll hate every single second of it. If they don’t have a dream themselves, or if they don’t think they can reach their dreams they’ll be the first person to talk you out of yours.

So just accept this and know its comin’!

Step 2: Never EVER talk about your business. I know you’re excited, trust me I get it. I haven’t been able to sleep at night for the last 2 years because I’m so excited. We are living the lives of our dreams. Even if you haven’t made any money yet, you’re still doing something 97% of people will never do, which takes a crap load of courage and I commend you for it! Even with only 20 bucks in your bank account, you’re still livin’ the dream baby!

But even though you’re excited, even though you want to tell the world, even though your friends and family might be different than all the others, don’t say a word! Ever!

Trust me in the end talking about your business to friends and family will come back to bite you in the a**. Maybe not at first. But give it a couple of months without that big paycheck you promised them, and you’ll start to see it my way.

Step 3: Keep a journal and write out all of your thoughts.

This one isn’t mandatory, but obviously if you’re reading this post you’re an entrepreneur, which means you’re at least a little bit like me. And me, I have SO many thoughts running through my head all day long. I can’t sleep, I want to talk about them but I can’t, and quite frankly it drives me crazy.

So what I started doing a while back was writing out ALL of my thoughts. Every morning when I wake up, I write out my dream. During the day I write out the good stuff and the bad stuff that I’m tempted to Facebook the world about. Every night before I go to bed I write out my “multi-million dollar” business plan. And you know what? It helps! It helps A LOT! I don’t have that urge to talk about my business anymore.

Is it a little different and weird? Absolutely, but shoot we’re entrepreneurs we are a little different and weird!

Step 4: If they EVER bring up your business, either change the subject and/or walk away. Realize that you have nothing to prove. You can’t win with most people. You don’t have to prove to Uncle Joey that just because he works 9 to 5 every day he’s a horrible person. Or that just because Cousin Trish is going to a 4 year college with a business major (which me and you know is absolutely pointless! If you want to learn how to run a business, don’t talk to professors that couldn’t even pass as a used car salesman (not that all are this bad; I’ve had some absolutely phenominal professors that I would love to have mentor me.), run your own business! Right? Take that 100 grand you’d spend on college and put it into a network marketing business, and I’ll show you some real success) Uhmm.. You probably forgot the beginning of this sentence because of my 3 minute rant, but I said “Or that because Cousin Trish is going to 4 year college with a business major she is doomed to a life of failure.

In the end their minds won’t change, but yours very possibly could, so you HAVE to stay away from that.

Step 5: Make some money.

You want to prove people wrong? You don’t do that with words. You do that with results. You get after it and you make some money. It’s honestly not hard, IF you know what you’re doing.

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