Hey guys Landon Stewart here.

So yesterday I got some hate mail from a subscriber of mine and I want to show you how I personally deal with this kind of stuff.

This information is absolutely crucial to your business because if you’re going to become “someone” online, you’re going to get hate mail. It sucks (sorta). But you have to learn how to deal with it the right way.

So basically this guy sends me an email asking me “why the f**** do you promote so many f***ing offers. You’re stealing everyone’s money and eventually you’ll get what’s coming to you! Trust me.”


My first reaction, obviously, is to lol ==> for you non-texters: lol = laugh out loud.

Everything he goes on to say after this is 100% inaccurate and makes me laugh even more.

Then after I stopped laughing, I actually started to get super mad.

Not because of the mean things that he’s saying about me. I don’t know this guy. I couldn’t care less about what he thinks about me.

But I’m getting mad because the questions that he’s asking are literally going to hold him hostage in his own mind for the rest of his life and he doesn’t even know it.

If he could just change his questions, he could change his life, but instead, his ignorance is going to keep a cap on his potential forever.

Every question that he asks shows his point of view on the world.

Questions like “why are YOU taking everyone’s money?”

“Why are YOU trying to hold people back?”

These types of questions imply that I have some sort of control over someone’s future and their success, which I do not.

These types of questions are asked by the same type of people that would like our government to support them.

Instead of taking responsibility for their life, they like to blame others for their failure.

In a nutshell, this hater was blaming me because he and others are not successful at marketing online.

Instead of asking me “why I sell stuff online?”, he should have been asking me “HOW I sell stuff online?”

Had he asked this question he would have gotten a real answer back and my answer could have changed his life.

But instead, he will go on living the rest of his days thinking that everyone is out to get him.

I don’t know how else to say it..

..so I’ll just say this:

That pisses me off.

My number one goal has ALWAYS been to help as many people in this life as I possibly can.

I could have HELPED him, had he asked for it, unfortunately he didn’t.

Had he asked me: “hey landon, how do you click send on an email that takes you 5 minutes to write and make $500?”

He could have made an extra $500 today.

Had he asked me “hey landon, how do you get 25,000 unique visitors to your website per month? And after you get the traffic, how do you turn that traffic into leads and eventually sales?”

He would be on his way to building an ASSET that he has control over and he wouldn’t NEED to blame me or anyone else anymore.

BUT instead, right now he’s probably thinking about how much of a scam internet marketing is. He’ll probably wake up at 7 am tomorrow morning to go work at the job he hates just like the rest of the world, while I’m helping people live the life of their dreams..

..and he could have been ONE OF THEM.

Sad stuff.

So how did I respond?

Politely (sorta).

I actually just told him the truth.

I said, “hey man, I’m not going to bs with you, so I’ll tell you the honest truth. There are 3 reasons that I send out multiple offers to my list on a weekly basis”.

Reason 1.) I spend $3,000 to $5,000 per month on solo ads. Before I do those solo ads, I like to TEST everything (test?? who does that, right? :)) I test the subject line of the email, I test the body copy of the email, the lead capture pages, and the sales pages to make sure EVERYTHING is converting.

I guess I could spend $500 on a solo ad to do my testing, instead of testing it for free with my own list. That makes much more sense ==> lol.

Reason 2.) There are various groups of people on my list. Some of those people like Empower Network, some of them don’t. I want to make as much money as humanly possible (as do you), so I need EVERYONE to buy my stuff :). Therefore I send emails out about multiple types of offers because I know different people respond better to different things.

Plus, having multiple streams of income builds a more secure future for myself.

Reason 3.) I want to help people. People on my list have different budgets, so for me to help those people, I need to send offers out at different price points.

Some people want to buy my $500 coaching. Some people want to pay $70 and partner with me personally in my primary opportunity (not taking new team members, until the end of next month fyi). Some people don’t have $70, so they want to join me in Daily Income Network (which is free).

By marketing the way that I do, I can help more people. Pretty cool, right?

****************end email******************

That’s exactly what I said.

Had he not asked me questions, I probably wouldn’t have even responded. When you get hate mail, I wouldn’t waste your time in responding.

And if you do decide to respond to your hate mail, don’t bs. Don’t sell anything (this is the only time I’m giving you permission to NOT ask people to buy your stuff :)). Give that person a straight answer. Tell them the truth. They’ll thank you for it.

This guy will probably never reply and that’s okay.

It happens.

The good thing though, is that for every email I get like this, I get 10 to 15 emails that make my day.

You’ll get hate mail, but the positive mail you get will make EVERYTHING worth it. You can trust me on that.

So how do you handle hate mail? Do you “lol” at it? Do you respond? Would you have handled my particular person differently?

Let me know. Leave your comments below. : ).