Greetings from Landon Stewart.

This might just be the most important
blog post you ever read online

If you’re trying to “figure out” how to make
money with the internet, pay VERY close
to every word I say over the next
90 seconds.

4 ½ years ago I started marketing online.

My story is similar to most.

I got started because I saw a way out

I saw a way to transform my life and live
without the hassles of a boss telling me
what I could and could not do

I saw a way to live the life of my dreams
and quite frankly, just do whatever the
heck I wanted

Spend time with friends and family.

Go on LOTS of vacations.

Buy nice things. Nice cars. Nice homes.

Eat healthy foods.

Donate to charity.


And even though I got started with good
intentions, I still ran into major problems

The first business I ever tried to promote,
I sent in a $300 cashiers check only to have
the business shut down the next week by
the FTC because it was a scam.

I’ve spent $1,000’s on marketing campaigns
that generated me ZERO leads and no results.

So I jumped from opportunity to opportunity
and NEVER made any money.

My biggest month online was something
like $1,100.

And what sucked the most was seeing
EVERYONE else around me absolutely
blow up online.

I saw people with nothing – go from zero
to THOUSANDS of dollars in just WEEKS.

Yet the same never happened to me.

I just couldn’t make it work, no matter
how hard I tried…

I’m not gonna’ lie…

…I was scared.

I was scared I was never going to
make it work…

But then 13 days ago:

I made a decision.

I went all in with Empower Network.


“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!”

“If they can do it, SO CAN I.”

After 4 years of trying and failing, I said
my time is NOW“.

“You’ve all had your time, now it’s my
turn! I’m going to make it happen
TODAY! No. Matter. What.”…

…and as I’m standing in my room screaming
this out my window for the world to hear…

Something changed in me…

I felt different.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I could
actually do it…

…and I (finally) did.

It worked.

In an instant I went from struggling like
everybody else, to making nearly $3000
online in the next 13 days


But how?

Besides screaming at my neighbors,
what did I actually do to manifest my
dreams into reality

3 things:

1.) I made a decision.
2.) I took action.
3.) I chose the right vehicle.

Most people online will NEVER make
a decision.

They’ll talk about “trying” things.

Oh yeah“, they’ll say, “I’ll try it out
and see if it works


They will not be successful.

They CANNOT be successful.

#2. I took MASSIVE action.

I was tired of sitting around and
waiting, “hoping” something would
fall in my lap and make me successful.

I started doing a blog post each and
every single day.

I reinvested part of my profits from
blogging back into paid ads.

I hopped on Facebook and created
a group for my team, so that I could
HELP my team be successful

I kicked everything up a notch.

#3. I chose the right vehicle.

This is what SOOO many people do wrong.

They choose to promote and be a part
of programs that are holding them back.

They promote things that pay out tiny
15% commissions

No wonder they aren’t making any money!

They also choose to promote things that
convert like crap.

If you’re promoting a product that doesn’t
convert well, it does not matter how committed
you are and how much action you take, you will
NOT make money online

The vehicle I chose was Empower Network
because it pays out 100% commissions and
it converts like CRAZY.

The decision was simple for me…

Why would I promote something that pays
out 15% commissions, when I can have 100%?

13 days ago was my turn, & today… is YOURS.

I’m looking for 2 more people that are
ready to run with me.

I’m not looking for people that I’ll have
to drag through the mud

I’m looking for people that are ready
to make a decision, follow simple
instructions, and take MASSIVE action.

I’m looking for people that are ready
to change their lives, just like I was.

And for those first 2 people, here’s
what I’m going to do:

#1.) I’m going to add you to our team
Facebook group, so that you can be
a part of a community full of people
that are just like you, ready to HELP
you succeed.

#2.) I’m going to give you strict instructions
on what you need to do each and every
single day to get results in your business…

…and then once a week, you and I will sit
down together and I’ll review what you’ve
done, so that we can make it even better
and help you get MASSIVE results even

I charge $500 per hour for my coaching, and
you’re going to get it every single week, until
you are successful.

Sound good?


So here’s what YOU need to do:

#1.) If you don’t know what Empower
Network is, watch this video to learn more

#2.) Go here to join: (just $25)


Remember this is only for the
first 2 (TWO!) people to join
me right now, today.

If you’re the third person to join,
you’ll have to wait for another
spot to open up.

So get in right now (do NOT wait):

#1.) Watch the video about Empower
Network (only if you need to. If you
wait, your spot might be taken)

#2.) Go here to get in: (only $25 to get started)


Once you get in, shoot me an email and
let me know, so that I can send you the link to
our team Facebook group, and I’ll show you
exactly what you need to do to get started.

I hope you’re ready to blow this thing up.

This is not a program. This is not an opportunity.


Go here to get in today:


Talk soon,

Landon Stewart
– “Guru Slayer”