Now THIS is cool.

My friend Shalonda here…

…was able to pay her mortgage last
month simply by blogginglol.

I’ve been doing this stuff a long time…

…and I have NEVER seen ANYTHING
like this before – seriously.

When I got started online back in ’08,
here’s what I had to do starting making
with the net:

*Set up my own personal websites
including my own personal blog.

*Create my own sales videos to sell
for me.

*Call all of my prospects on the phone
to “close” them into my deal.

Back then, even though I worked really
, here’s why I never made money
doing any of that stuff:

*The blog I built was actually built
in a way that Google hated, so I didn’t
get any search engine traffic

After about a year of learning how to
get search engine traffic, I FINALLY
started getting traffic online, but I still
didn’t make any money
and here’s why:

The sales videos that i created to sell
to my traffic
for mesucked.

None of the traffic I generated actually
bought anything, so I didn’t make any

And here’s what I did next, which sucked
even more

I started calling all of my leads on the
, but that didn’t work either and
here’s why:

I had absolutely ZERO sales skills

I think I may have actually talked one
person OUT of buying from me lol

That Formula there caused me to struggle
for over 3 years without making
any money at all.

But here’s what Shalonda did:

*She joined Empower Network for $25.

*The blog was already set up for her.

*The sales process was already set up for

*And she didn’t call anyone on the phone
lol, why would anyone ever do that!?

Essentially the stuff that took me a little
over 3 years
to learn and create on my
own, Shalonda had set up and ready to
the second she joined.

So all she had to do was write a couple
of blog posts
about things that she likes,
and she was instantly making more money
than she’s ever made before.

I told you this was cool :).

Now do you see why there are literally
THOUSANDS of people around the
world making money with Empower

It’s because we have literally taken
every technical aspect of internet

You don’t have to set ANYTHING up.

All you have to do is get traffic to our
system and you can literally start making
money online – today.

And if you don’t know how to get traffic
that’s okay – we have HOURS upon hours
of training showing you EXACTLY what
to do to start generating trafficlike now.

That’s why we have rooms that look like
this (and 95% of the people in them are
already making money with Empower
) :

So the question becomes…

What do you need to do to FINALLY
start making money online?


#1: Join the Empower Network
blogging system for just $25 here:

*If you would like to watch the
full Empower Network presentation
first, you can do that here…

…and don’t forget to click this
button when it ends:

#2: The second you get in Empower,
immediately watch the 8 videos in
the fast start section. These 8 videos
will show you EXACTLY what Shalonda
did to pay her mortgage with the
Empower Network blogging system.

#3: Get to work! 🙂

Do EXACTLY what we tell you to do
over the next 90 days…

…and I am TELLING you: you can
change your life

Join Empower Network just like
Shalonda did here:

And I’ll see you on the inside 🙂

Landon Stewart
-“Freedom Artist”