Greetings friends : )

Did you know that your life can literally transform in a single moment.

As you’re reading this blog post right now, your life can change forever.

Last weekend I went down to San Diego for the Empower Network event. Picture it now: 3,000 screaming Empowered badasses lol. It was absolutely insane.

And the Dave’s (who own Empower) brought a guy up on stage named Jeff Buchanan.

Now, this guy has a story similar to mine. He had been marketing online for YEARS without making any money at all.

Isn’t it funny how most people that are insanely successful online struggle for years before they ever make money.

But anyways, Jeff gets up on stage to share his story, and he starts talking about the MOMENT his life changed.

See, most people believe it takes years to change your life, but they’re wrong.

It might take years before they ever reach the moment their life changes, but every time someone’s life changes, it happens in a MOMENT, always.

And the thing that held Jeff back the most was the fact that he held onto his money way too tight.

He talked about the moment his life changed and it was a crazy “aha” moment for me as well:

He said: “everything changed for me the day I sold my car, and took the $3,000 to spend on ads, and didn’t get a single sale with that money”.

Here’s what’s crazy about life:

Events and moments have no effect on emotion. The only way people tie emotion to an event is through the way they think about a certain event.

Most people would look at that moment and say: “Well shit, I just sold my car, then spent $3,000 on ads and got nothing in return. This business doesn’t work, I quit”.

Most people would have QUIT in that moment.

But Jeff…

He looked at that moment and said “I no longer feel the need to hold onto my money and now that I’m not holding it so tight, I have the ability to make more”.

And guess what happened…

In a moment, he went from struggling for years to standing on stage at the event making $10,000 a month with Empower Network.

THAT’S what can happen in a MOMENT with Empower Network (or any other online business).

Facebook blocked Empower Network from posting our links.

We could have looked at that and thought “nobody likes us, why are we doing this anyways?”

But instead, we looked at that and we said “Facebook is trying to hold us back, but NO ONE can stop the REVOLUTION that is Empower Network”. And Empower grew by over 25% the very NEXT month. That’s what can happen in a moment.

You can decide how to look at any moment in your life. Any moment can be the life changing moment that allows you to RISE UP and make the money and live the life you DESERVE. Or it can be the moment you decide to give up and live a mediocre life (a life you were never meant to live).

The way you choose to live YOUR life is completely up to you and the second you realize that, you’re empowered.

The second you take responsibility for yourself, your life changes.

Trust me.

I’m making WAY more money online than I EVER have before, and it’s because I made a decision that changed my life in a moment.

Now it’s your turn.

Join us in Empower Network.

Make a decision to give us EVERYTHING you have for the next 90 days. Run with us and see what happens. Your life will NEVER be the same, I can promise you that.

Get in here ($25 Empower Network order form) :

For more information about Empower Network, you can watch this video here:

I’ll see you on the inside,

Landon Stewart
-“Freedom Artist”

9-26-12 Friday’s Team Action Assignment

#1 Do something fun today. I don’t know why it happens, but the days I make the most MONEY in my business are the days I’m having the most FUN. I don’t care what you do, just do something you enjoy. :)

#2 Purchase your ticket(s) to the Austin Texas Event right now.

There’s only one word I can think of to describe the San Diego “Fight the Forces of Evil” event….


If you were there – you’ll agree, that was the MOST BadAss event, ever.

If you weren’t….

…you absolutely, without a doubt (and don’t you dare talk yourself out of it)….

…gotta meet us at the next event.

See the question is NOT… “Is Empower Network BadAss enough for you?”

The question IS…. “Are you BadAss enough for Empower Network?

And, because I know you are, we named our next event….

“Release Your Inner BadAss” :-)

It’s going down, January 18, 19 and 20 in Austin, Texas at the Hilton Downtown!

*VERY Important….

Right now, for a VERY limited time, you can buy your tickets to “Release Your Inner BadAss” in Austin, Texas for a discounted price of ONLY $97.

That’s not buying ‘em….

….it’s STEALING ‘em.

Login NOW, and buy ‘em right away:

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We had just over 3,000 tickets sold (total) to “Fight the Forces of Evil” in San Diego….

…and we ALREADY have 1,500 sold to “Release Your Inner BadAss” in Austin.


There are times when you sit, wait and watch.

And then there are times when you get in the game and go hard.

NOW is one of those times to go HARD.


We have a simple formula, that everyone is using to cross our stage and collect big checks.

It’s simple:

“Get ALL IN”

“Get 2 – $25 Blogging Customers A Day”

“Follow the 8-Core Commitments”

“Get to the Next Event”

And… “Get Your Team To The Next Event”

If you complicate it, add to it, or take away from it – you’ll be left scratching your head.

But, if you follow that formula, keep it simple, and stay consistent – everyday….

… could be the next new leader, crossing the stage in Austin, as a massive (and fanatical) crowd chants your name, and celebrates your BadAssness :-)

It’s possible.

We PROVED it this weekend.

There were more ‘big ass’ checks to hand out than there was time in the event schedule.

And MANY of them were NEW names, who everyone met for the first time…

…..on the Empower Network stage :-)

You can do this.

Get “ALL IN”.


Follow the ’8 Core Commitments’.


Get to the next event.


Get your team to the next event.

And focus.

We did some other BIG (and really cool) things this weekend that we’ll talk more about in the next few days.

Just know, our goal is to…..

Have the BEST products, that get the BEST results, for the MOST people – period.

And have the richest, most BadAss group of leaders the industry has ever seen.

We’re on our way there, now.

Run with us.

Lock arms with us.

And let us help you “Release Your Inner BadAss” for the whole world to see.

It starts with buying your event ticket to Austin, right now.

This price won’t last, guaranteed.

But they’re $97 right now – so go…

… yours NOW!

Login here:

To login, click here: /login.php

It’s about to get CRAZY :-)

Let’s do this.

#3 Read the blog post above :)

#4: Write your blog post for today (and do this everyday). If you don’t know what to write about, log into your Empower Network back office and click on “inner circle” . Listen to an audio inside and write about what you learn.

#5 Share your new blog post on your Facebook Wall

…Facebook Groups, on Twitter and email to your contact list.

Facebook Work-A-Rounds – Choose a work-a-round below to get your content shared on Facebook until our situation is resolved.

1.) Use this tool: It’s a url shortener, so you can simply paste in your empower link and it will give you a new link to use redirecting back to your empower website. (recommended)

2.) Use which will allow you to actually have your EN posts syndicated through that automatically.

#7 Like a comment on this blog post : ) – In the comments, you can leave me a link to your blog post and I’ll actually go like and comment on it as well!

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Lets lock arms & FIGHT the forces of evil!

Landon Stewart
“Freedom Artist”